Beyond a Deep Clean: Your Guide to Residential Disinfecting

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Everyone loves how their home feels after a good, deep clean. However, sometimes even the deepest DIY deep clean isn’t sufficient. Residential disinfecting services can provide a thorough cleaning of your home through comprehensive sanitization of its nooks and crannies, treating the air quality, and ridding your home of harmful germ particles. Professional residential disinfecting provides an added layer of protection for your family.

Beyond a Deep Clean: Your Guide to Residential Disinfecting

It’s important to stress that disinfecting services are distinct from cleaning services. While a cleaning service strives to achieve a sparkly-clean appearance of a freshly dusted, polished, and tidied home, residential disinfecting focuses on removing harmful germs and bacteria that pose health risks.

Disinfecting services utilize high-grade chemicals and technology to detect and eradicate unhealthy pathogens from household surfaces and in the air. If someone in your family has suffered frequent illnesses or has other health concerns that may be impacted by their surroundings, residential disinfecting can help.

If you have recently dealt with mold, flooding, or other moisture-related issues in your home, residential disinfecting can dehumidify and purify your home’s air while also sanitizing surfaces like drywall and flooring. Services can also include disinfecting your home’s crawlspace and thoroughly cleaning your HVAC system.

There are a lot of areas of a home that are not easily disinfected. If you’re cleaning up after flooding, dealing with mold, or suffering from frequent respiratory illnesses, give our team at LC Myers Environmental a call. We can provide residential disinfecting services that go beyond a deep clean and implement specialized techniques to purify your home according to your needs.