Mold Detection, Charleston, SC

We can help locate a mold presence in your home.

Whenever you suspect a mold presence in your home, you should always hire mold detection services. Doing so makes you aware of any mold growth present, including the mold in hidden places that you don’t see. Mold growth should never be taken lightly, as it can seriously affect the state of your home, as well as the health of you and your family members.

Mold Detection in Charleston, South Carolina

We offer mold detection services for homeowners in the Charleston, South Carolina area who suspect they have a mold problem in their home. Common signs of a mold issue include respiratory issues, musty smells, and visible mold. Many homeowners think mold detection isn’t necessary if you can already see mold, but testing for more mold will help you make sure you address all mold growth, not just growth that is easily visible.

Here at LC Myers Environmental, we specialize in helping home and business owners keep their spaces protected from contaminants that can harm them, including mold. One of our many mold services includes mold detection to help you locate any and all mold growth. Once we’ve detected a mold presence, we’ll let you know where the mold is and offer our mold removal services.

We can also recommend practices for avoiding mold growth in the future, such as prioritizing ventilation. We’re your go-to experts on detecting mold growth in your home, so if you want accurate mold testing results that you can rely on, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today.