Crawlspace Moisture Control, Charleston, SC

A dry crawlspace is crucial to the health of your home.

At LC Myers Environmental, we know how important it is to have crawlspace moisture control. Most homeowners don’t venture down into the mysterious shaft below their homes very often, but now is the time to know what’s going on inside your crawlspace. You’ll likely find puddles, moisture condensed on the walls, and musty smells. Crawlspaces are ideal environments for spreading mold, pests, and unchecked damages, which can affect your home’s value. Thankfully, we offer protective solutions to protect the health and future of your home.

Crawlspace Moisture Control in Charleston, South Carolina

We serve the community in Charleston, South Carolina and aim to treat each family as our own. That’s why we use the best materials and highly trained technicians to insulate the dirt foundation that holds additional space for your plumbing, electrical wiring, and HVAC equipment. Knowing a crawlspace is more than a vacant, forgotten shaft means that you shouldn’t forget to maintain it. Crawlspace moisture control is vital to preserving a structure’s integrity.

When you install crawlspace moisture control, you avoid otherwise expensive home repairs. Many things can cause moisture in your crawlspace, such as heavy rain and overflowing gutters, damaged downspouts, groundwater, or burst pipes.

A crawlspace vents to the exterior rather than interior like a basement, so humid air from outside can also mix with cool crawlspace air and condense at the dew point. Sometimes signs of moisture aren’t obvious, but we can provide a crawlspace inspection to help you know how to protect your home.

Our crawlspace services include cleaning, mold removal, vapor barriers, dehumidification, and electronic monitoring. Reach out to our team to learn more about installing moisture control solutions in your crawlspace.