Preserving Literary Heritage: LC Myers Environmental's Mold Remediation Efforts on Sullivan Island

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In the world of journalism, few names (guess?) shine as brightly as the noted publishing house located on Sullivan Island. Known for its impactful reporting and invaluable contributions to the field of journalism, this famous publishing house faced an unexpected threat when mold began to creep into its building, endangering its archives of historical legacy. Thankfully, LC Myers Environmental stepped in to rescue the esteemed publication. Their unwavering dedication and technical expertise in mold testing and remediation ensured the preservation of the newspaper’s history, allowing it to continue informing and enlightening readers for future generations.

Sullivan Island, a coastal region in the United States, has been home to many famous authors, poets, and historical figures whose works have left a lasting mark on the world of literature.¬†¬†Unfortunately, the island’s humid climate and coastal location create the ideal conditions for mold growth, posing a significant threat to its literary heritage.


The publishing house had been grappling with a faulty, mold-ridden HVAC system for some time. Although the HVAC system was finally replaced, mold remained in the ductwork and vent covers.

The team of experts at LC Myers Environmental initiated a comprehensive mold remediation process that involved three key stages: Cleaning, disinfection, and testing.

  1. Cleaning: The team meticulously cleaned the ductwork using their proprietary equipment. This included a triple-motor HEPA-filtered vacuum with a reversible mechanical drive brush that gently cleans the inside of the ductwork without damage to the ducts or releasing the airborne mold spores.
  2. Disinfection: The team proactively used an electrostatically charged fogging system that allows the mist to be drawn directly into and through the HVAC system, then out the duct runs and disinfects 100% of the system.
  3. Testing: The team utilized cutting-edge techniques and state-of-the-art technologies to test the system at completion for mold, thus ensuring the safety and preservation of literary treasures.

Thanks to the hard work of LC Myers Environmental, the iconic building, and legacy of the publishing house are now safe and secure. It demonstrates how proactive measures and technical expertise can protect businesses and homes from being lost to the ravages of time and nature. This may serve as hope for other businesses and homeowners facing similar environmental challenges in the region.